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The Rules of Magic - Alice Hoffman

"The only light in town turned on after midnight was on the back porch of the Owens house. It had been lit for hundreds of years, first by oil, then by gas, now by electricity. Moths fluttered through the ivy. This was the hour when women came to visit, looking for cures for hives or heartbreak or fever."

When you return to an author you love, it is like a lover from your past; you have fond memories and welcome the reunion but you are usually unprepared for the power of the reconnection; for how quickly you fall all over again.

Reading The Rules of Magic was a double whammy; not only was it Alice Hoffman whose work I adore, but it is a return to the world of the Owens family and the curse which befalls any who would fall in love with them. We were introduced to the Owens in Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic is a prequel, taking us back in time to see the lives which shaped the irascible aunts Franny and Jet. Along with The Ice Queen, Practical Magic is my favourite wor…

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